Why the Rich set aside 15 Minutes in a Day just to do this…

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The sound of our alarm clock sets our day in motion and we busy ourselves, checking things off our mental to-do list.

At the end of our 12-hour work day, we might find ourselves Netflix-ing to wind down till we’re about to retire to bed.

And repeat.

Many of us, including myself, never really thought much about setting aside time just to THINK and REFLECT.

But did you know “Wealthy People set aside their time just to think, they cultivate the HABIT of THINKING and REFLECTING. They allot 15 minutes of their time in a day just to assess how they can improve their skills and leverage on their resources. They are not Fire Fighters spending their days putting out multiple fires at work and at home. They might have started out that way but learnt not to be consumed by the heat of the present. They intentionally set aside time to think about what they can do to better themselves and their situation.

I once read this quote from John Maxwell “Reflective thinking turns experience into insight” …and insight encourages improvement.

Thinking is the key to reach your goals and success, – in your 15 minutes – 30 minutes alone time, you can weigh the decision you are planning to make, what could be the next step that you should do for your business, relationship, career or FINANCES.

If you feel consumed by the moment. How can you make the time to do it? It depends on your individual schedule and rhythm. The experts went on to suggest scheduling tactics like setting aside specific times on your calendar, or combining “thinking time” with other solitary activities like taking a walk or breaking for coffee.

Benefits of Thinking and Reflecting:

  1. Continuous Improvement–it will help you to improve yourself, what are your strengths and how to Improve your weakness. You can write it down and track down all the areas that you need to improve
  2. Motivation –Well, if you take time to think you can track your progress and you will become motivated to continue what you’re doing.
  3. Relieves Tension – actually thinking and reflecting will help you to relieve tensions, and it is somehow part of showing love for yourself.
  4. You can come up with the best plan – sometimes, we tend to make decisions out of our emotions without giving some time to think, but if we cultivate this habit, we can come up to the best plan and strategy.
  5. Achieve your goals in life – it is one of the effective ways to achieve your goals, to think and reflect.


Thinking and Reflecting is one of the #GoodHabits of Wealthy people, if they intentionally allot 15 minutes of their time just to THINK and REFLECT, I believe we should practice this too.

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