Build Wealth to Buy Freedom

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Media has long symbolized WEALTH as mansions fitted with infinity pools, swanky cars and bling-bling high fashion; Being rich entitles us to all these material things, right?

To provide another perspective, Epictetus, a Greek Philosopher famously said “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”

Did you know that The Honda Civic is among the most highly-favored mainstream cars owned by the super-rich?

Granted that there are super-rich individuals who may be purveyor of fine cars, however, many of them also tend to view vehicles more like appliances rather than status symbols, and choose a common car as a daily-drive.

Millionaires shop where ordinary people shop. Live in an average neighborhood in an average house. Millionaires buy used to get better value. They buy used cars, at least 2–3 years old, avoiding the big depreciation hit.

We might be harboring the wrong impression of what it’s like to be rich, it’s not about the status symbols – it is all about FREEDOM.

Freedom, to do whatever we want to do in life.

Freedom, to choose what time you want to wake up each day and not be bothered by the sound of the alarm clock at 5 in the morning, not being able to rush and skip breakfast just to be on time at work.

Freedom, to enjoy quality time with our loved ones.

Freedom, to travel the world and experience God’s beautiful creation.

Freedom, to pick up a hobby or learn a skill without having to think about its practicality.

Freedom, to take care of the needs of others without having to worry about our own needs.

This is the grand definition of WEALTH, not just about the material things that money can buy. The perspective I would like to present is how we should build WEALTH to buy FREEDOM.

What does having Freedom mean to you? Drop me a comment below!

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