Kickstarting your Retirement Planning

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This word speaks of power and ability that has been achieved and is rarely given because one has come of a certain age.

“I don’t want to,

You can’t make me,

I’m Retired!”

…is but idealistic thinking unless preparation has been done. This is especially so for Retirement.

Ever dreamt about the ideal Retirement where you could do what you wanted, whenever you wanted. There are a good number of individuals whom I have met who cannot imagine not working but would desire that freedom to Choose.

Unfortunately, according to a study conducted by OCBC in October 2019, 73% of Singaporeans are not preparing well to afford this Choice. Furthermore, 65% are behind accumulating enough funds for the maintenance of their lifestyle after retirement.

(Source: OCBC Financial Wellness Index)

Across my time as a practitioner, I have noticed that most individuals have an age in mind when they wish to be financially free but often lack the means to do so.

They either do not understand what they have subscribed for or have not reviewed their plans in a long time.

This in turn, leads to them; investing in financially unsuitable areas, holding unbalanced and outdated portfolios, and having their gains eroded by fees. Sometimes, it is as if they have bought random ingredients without first having a main dish in mind.

Therefore, across these 2 weeks, I will be posting a series of resources to provide perspectives and additional information to achieve Early Retirement and Financial Freedom.

It will span across 5 main themes:

Theme 1: Overview of Retirement Planning

Theme 2: The Fundamentals of a Building a Retirement Nest Egg

Theme 3: Maximizing Government Schemes Availed to You

Theme 4: DOs and DON’Ts in Building Your Retirement Nest Egg

Theme 5: How to Accelerate Your Retirement Process

My hope for you is to have the Power of Choice back into your hands after these two weeks, to craft the ideal Retirement you have always desired. Stay tuned!

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 DISCLAIMER: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.

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